THANK YOU for your DONATION! does not accept cash donations. However, if you would like to send monetary assistance, you can send e-gfit cards in any amount to - gift cards will go directly to those that have the greatest need. You will receive confirmation of receipt and distribution. 

ABOUT US > is a grassroots effort to help our most vulnerable during the COVID-19 health crisis.

We are a community collaboration of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE and are not limited to Brentwood, but to all of East County. 

If you NEED HELP or supplies, we are here to help and will connect you with a trusted person to assist.


If you are ABLE to HELP, we will connect you with those in need.

If you have resources, ideas or suggestions please make them. Many hands make light work and the more we can collaborate, the better. We are all in this togehter.


T: 925-513-0000