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WHO is is a grassroots effort to help our senior citizens that are most vulnerable during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Our GOAL is simply people helping people that are in need in our community during this challenging time. This help is specifically in the form of boots-on-the-ground volunteers picking up and delivering food and supplies, as ordered and paid for by those needing them. Volunteers are paired up with a senior in need and they work together to assist and pickup necessary items.

If you or someone you know needs assistance and cannot or should not go out please submit a request under "GET help" and we will aim to connect you with a trusted community member that can assist you.


This is a community effort of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE, it not necessary limited to Brentwood, but our resources outside of East County are limited. 
If you NEED HELP or supplies, we are here to help and will connect you with a trusted person to assist. Complete the: "GET help" form

If you are ABLE to HELP, we will connect you with those in need. Complete the: "GiVE help" form

If you have resources, ideas or suggestions please make them.

Many hands make light work and the more we can collaborate.



We are simply connecting community members that can assist, with those that need assistance.


Fine Print:
+ Social distancing is a critical directive (maintaining at 6ft distance) as health and safety is of utmost importance at this time. However, people still need people, food and supplies during this uncertain time, be smart and careful.

+ If you participate in this grassroots outreach initiative you acknowledge that you are responsible for your behavior and any associated risks.
+ If you participate you acknowledge that your photo and/or video may be broadcasted associated with your volunteer efforts or needs request.  

We are one, central, secure and trusted source to connect those in need with those that have a need.

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